Arrests Made in Golden Arrow Bus Serial Robbery Case

Source: Supplied

On Wednesday evening two suspects who are allegedly involved in serial robberies in the same Golden Arrow bus since June this year was arrested.

It is reported that passengers taking the Golden Arrow bus home from Claremont immediately got off the bus when they recognised the suspects from three previous incidents sitting inside. Once they disembarked, the passengers, who were victims of the robberies previously, contacted law enforcement.

Law enforcement spokesperson, Wayne Dyason confirmed the arrest saying, “At 17:20 the law-enforcement reaction team arrived on the scene and the bus they were on was pointed out to the officers on the corner of Robert Sobukwe and Duinefontein roads,”

The victims were then contacted by officials from Golden Arrow and after arriving on the scene, they were asked to describe the suspects. One of the suspects matched the description of the person who robbed the victim twice in the last two months, while another witness described another suspect who robbed her of her cellphone on Tuesday, 4 August.

The two identified suspects were then taken to the Phillipi East police station by law enforcement officials where they were arrested.