75-year-old woman found raped and murdered in her shack in Phillipi East

Picture: Unsplash.com

On Sunday, 75-year-old Nomathamsanqa Soqhaga’s lifeless naked body was found under a pile of her own clothes in her shack, in Phillipi East.

The gruesome discovery came after her neighbour noticed a suspicious man lurking around days before. When she realised that the elderly Soqhaga had not been seen for days, she asked her husband to investigate.

It is alleged that the victim was raped before being killed.

According to The Daily Voice, the victim had last been seen alive on Tuesday, 30 November. It seems that the attacker used a trench that he had dug, as a point of entry to the shack.

Maggie Stemele, the concerned neighbour told the publication, “She came to ask my daughter if she could go and withdraw money and buy groceries for her and that was the last day anyone saw her alive.

“I didn’t become concerned when I didn’t see her on Wednesday until another neighbour told me about a man who was walking around her house and trying to open the door and windows on Tuesday night.”

Stemele also told the publication that when she and her husband walked into the shack, it was obvious that someone has been there and ransacked the place. The couple refrained from touching anything as they realised the police would need to comb the scenes for clues.

It is when the police arrived and conducted an investigation of the shack that her body was found. Nomathamsanqa Soqhaga was lying on her stomach and she was not wearing any clothes.

It is believed that the victim has no family in Cape Town. Stemele said that they had tried to find out more about the victim but all that they knew was she had a child who lives in Joburg.

Stemele further said, “I don’t even know how she will be buried because only family members can claim her body and her ID is missing.”