JSE Employees Now Get Four Months of Gender-Neutral Parental Leave


The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) has introduced a gender-neutral parental leave policy for all employees.

The new policy makes provision for all JSE employees who are expecting a child to take parental leave to spend time with their newborn or adopted baby. This will also include parents who have achieved successful surrogacy.

JSE employees can choose to take the leave over four consecutive months with their partners or stagger it, allowing the first partner to take the initial four months and the second partner to be home for the next four months. This enables a child to have eight months of uninterrupted parental care.

The exchange made the announcement on Monday on the back of its evolving policy of driving diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

“Our society is ever-evolving and companies should adapt to these changes,” says JSE Human Resource Director, Donald Khumalo. “We can never achieve diversity in its true sense when a critical component of diversity such as inclusion remains a pipe dream. It is with this in mind that we have revised all our policies to ensure that they are gender-neutral and in line with an inclusive society that we operate in.” 

Khumalo said the gender-neutral policy helps position the JSE as an employer of choice in the financial services sector, as well as a people-centric organisation, fostering a “healthy working environment that drives increased employee engagement and high-performing teams, both of which are perfect ingredients for retaining and attracting new talent”.