Jacob Zuma will be facing criminal charges

Image Credit: Kim Ludbrooke

PRETORIA – The National Prosecuting Authority head Shaun Abrahams has confirmed that former President Jacob Zuma will be facing corruption charges.
In a 12 minute announcement at the NPA offices in Pretoria on Friday, NPA boss Shaun Abrahams announced that the state will reinstate fraud and corruption charges against former President Jacob Zuma.
This follows a nearly 10 year legal battle, with over R15 million of taxpayer’s money spent on legal costs.
The announcement today comes after a ruling in 2017 where the Supreme Court of Appeal put aside the 2009 decision for the withdrawal of the former President’s case.
The decision made today will be news to the public, however the former President would already have been informed prior to the announcement.
Zuma will be facing 18 charges of money laundering, corruption and fraud.