Italy Reaches 14 620 COVID-19 Recoveries


Italy’s recovery rates are increasing significantly, the country now has 14 620 patients who have recovered from the COVID-19.

According to Worldometers, Italy has 14 620 recovered cases so far and as the recoveries increase the number of new COVID-19 cases has started decreasing. Since 26 March COVID-19 cases in the country went from 6203 new cases to 4050 new cases on 30 March.

According to BBC News even though Italy has a declining number of new cases being reported, they decided to extend their lockdown which was due to end on Friday 27 March. The country’s lockdown will now continue to at least 12 April.

Italy has been on lockdown for approximately three weeks, with shops, restaurants, and bars all closed. Italians may only leave their homes for essentials or an emergency.