Hospital CEO says He Takes Full Responsibility for Alleged Rape of Two-Year-Old

Picture: Twitter, @pule_jones

The CEO of George Mukhari Hospital, where a two-year-old child was allegedly raped, says he takes full responsibility for the vicious act.

CEO Richard Lebethe says he was made aware of the incident through the media. He said, “I take responsibility until such time that we identify who the perpetrators actually are,”

Lebethe is blaming a lack of communication for this, saying “I think the biggest challenge is alertness which I have brought up to the staff.”

The toddler was reportedly placed in isolation under the care of health workers after she showed COVID-19 symptoms. Her mother was thereafter told to go home. Only once the child was discharged, did her family make the shocking discovery. 

The little girl’s parents say they are devastated and frustrated with the treatment they’ve received from law enforcement. 

Her aunt said, “They don’t care. They haven’t even checked up on the child,”. The family says when they tried to open a case, they were sent from pillar to post in attempts to try and open a case with the police.

“We want the perpetrator found and we want answers,” the victim’s father said. “We want to know who would do this to a child and why. We want the hospital to give us answers.”

Gauteng police spokesperson Mathapelo Peters confirmed the case is now being investigated by the SAPS.


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