High Court Gets Involved in Historic Sexual Assault Case


According to eNCA news, the high court is getting involved in a historic sexual assault case against two family members who allegedly molested two sisters in the 1970s.

Sisters, Lisa van der Merwe and Claudine Schiels, were disappointed when a Wynberg magistrate ruled that before their historic sexual assault case can be heard, the charge sheet must be amended.

Magistrate Vanessa Miki ordered that the amended charge sheet should include a timeline with details of every incident of assault.

However, the alleged assaults happened almost every weekend between 1974 and 1979, making this the oldest sexual assault case in South African history, many believe the sisters cannot be expected to detail each incident.

The matter has been taken to the high court and the judge president will now decide whether Miki’s ruling regarding the charge sheet of the oldest sexual abuse case in the country should be set aside or not.

This will in-turn have huge consequences for the future prosecution of historic sexual assault cases.