Head of Detectives facing dismissal over Facebook posts

Picture: Facebook, @JeremyVearey
The head of Western Cape detectives, Major-General Jeremy Vearey, has been found guilty of misconduct after an investigation into his Facebook posts which have allegedly brought the SAPS and more specifically the National Commissioner, Khehla Sitole, into disrepute.

According to reports, Veary was notified about the investigation in March 2021. He had posted eight Facebook posts between 7 December 2020, and 25 February 2021, some with pictures of the national commissioner and links to stories and documents.

The disciplinary committee was chaired by Lieut-Gen Liziwe Ntshinga who charged Veary under the rule of National Instruction 5 of 2017. It states that “employees of the SAPS may not engage in online publication or communication on social media, which could bring the service (SAPS) into disrepute”.

While the committee recommended Veary be dismissed, the final decision has to be done by Commissioner Sitole.

Veary has denied wrongdoing and said his social media posts are being misinterpreted.


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