Government Amends Transport Regulations

Picture: Facebook, @SAPoliceService

According to reports, the government has again changed the regulations governing the movement of vehicles during level 4 lockdown.

In accordance to the rules gazetted on Monday, vehicles were allowed on the roads until 9 pm to complete a trip but on Wednesday, the Department of Transport reportedly changed the cut off time to 7 pm, with no grace period. 

Government has reportedly not given any reason as to why a stricter curfew has been implemented.

The amended rules reportedly stipulate that only vehicles transporting essential workers were allowed outside these times, and only if they have the necessary permits and have made arrangements with their employers.

The regulations that were published on Monday, previously allowed motorists to be on the roads until 8 pm with a grace period of an hour to complete their trips.

All other rules remain the same with motorists and passengers obligated to wear masks during their journeys.

The new amendments will reportedly stay in place for the duration of level 4 lockdown.