Coronavirus: Data Shows 85% of Patients have Fully Recovered


According to Worldometers, 85% of those who have contracted the Coronavirus has fully recovered and 98% of those who got sick had mild symptoms.

On Thursday 14 May, the global reference and statistics site reported over 4.4 million global cases of Coronavirus infections. More than 1.6 million people have recovered from the virus, while there had been around 298 322 deaths recorded globally. 

The active cases are currently at 2,475,852 million, 98% of those are mild condition patients not needing medical intervention while the other 2% are in serious or critical condition.

Reports have shown that not everyone is at the same risk of infection. Those who are at higher risk are reported to be older people and patients with underlying illnesses such as diabetes or respiratory illnesses such as asthma.

Various medical experts have gone on record saying that most people recover within about two weeks. The majority of those who fall seriously ill will display symptoms in the first week, about seven to 10 days after exposure.

South Africa currently has 4745 recoveries while the active cases are 7110.