British cinemas start striking deals to use “vaccine passports” to reopen their doors


In order to have their doors reopen, British cinemas will now start requiring moviegoers to have vaccine passports to have access to the theatre.

The Telegraph reports that David Chadwick of Verifiable Credentials has agreed to link up with one UK theatre house to trial the technology, as the company has already received government funding to develop these passports.

How it would work

The publication states that Verifiable Credentials would create electronic certificates for people to show that they have been vaccinated. The certificates would then be verified by the National Health Service (NHS) and stored in a digital wallet on the users’ smartphone.

Hannah Boland writes that when users buy a movie ticket from one of the participating cinemas, the ticket would combine with the digital vaccine passport and create a QR code that would provide them with access to the theatre.

Boland continues to state that this comes as the industry struggles to remain open due to the Covid-19 restrictions and blockbuster film releases being delayed.

Chadwick informed the Telegraph that the trial was currently assessing the technical feasibility of the system rather than whether it was commercially or legally viable, states the publication.

He added, “checking people’s vaccination certificates might help cinemas to reopen in the future.”