Fugard Theatre Doors to Remain Closed until 2021


Eric Abraham, founder and benefactor of The Fugard Theatre & Bioscope has announced that the theatre will be closing its doors for the remainder of 2020 and will reopen early in 2021.

The theatre announced on Thursday that they are closed until they can be confident that staff, performers and audiences will not be at risk of contracting the Coronavirus while visiting the theatre.

“Regrettably the majority of our staff have had to be retrenched and a small care-taking team will remain in place to ensure that The Fugard is well maintained and in a state of readiness for the day when it is safe and financially viable to re-open,” says Abrahams.

Abrahams thanked all staff for their extraordinary achievement over the last decade in making The Fugard one of Africa’s foremost theatres, he also thanked the patrons for coming and supporting.