France Turns One of Their Trains Into an Ambulance


According to Business Insider, France turned one of its high-speed trains into an ambulance to transport coronavirus patients from overcrowded hospitals to those with more capacity.

France 24 reported, the TGV (French: Train à Grande Vitesse, meaning high-speed train), normally transports passengers across the country but is now being used to move patients from the eastern part of France to the western part. Several media outlets reported that the TGV transported 20 Coronavirus patients in critical condition to a larger hospital in France.

Media agencies, France 24 and NPR wrote that each carriage can accommodate 4 patients and has a medical team including, an aneasthetist, an intensive care doctor and three nurses. The carriage is equipped like an emergency room with oxygen and ventilators. During transportation, a total of 50 people are on board, including the care-givers and supporting staff.

According to Worldometers, France currently has 25 269 infected cases and 21 482 have mild conditions. They already 5700 recovered Coronavirus cases since mid-February.