Food truck company wins battle for the “Smash Burger”

Picture: Facebook, @rackngrill
Cape Town-based food truck company, Rack ‘n Grill, will get to keep their “Smash Burger” on the menu after a successful meeting with RocoMamas, a member of the Spur Group. 

The meeting was a result of what many called corporate bullying tactics by the Spur Group, who demanded in an email that the “Smash Burger” on Rack ‘n Grill’s menu get a name change. The Group said that it is the registered proprietor of the “Smash Burger” brand.

Owner and chef at Rack ‘n Grill, Muammer Kasu, posted on Twitter after the meeting saying: ’’We have resolved amongst other things to be shared in due course, that I will continue using the name Smash Burger on my menu and advertising.’’

Kasu spoke to a local radio station, Voice of the Cape, on Thursday morning and confirmed that while there are some finer details that need to be ironed out, a collaboration between his food truck company and the Spur Group may be on the horizon.


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