Fit SA Says 29 000 Jobs Are At Stake If Gyms Remain Closed

Source: Facebook @ZoneFitnessSA

The fitness industry employees and supporters held a protest on Wednesday, organised by Fit SA to appeal to the government to open gyms.

According to reports, the opening of gyms will mean the preservation of 29 000 jobs and permanent closures of gyms.

All gyms have been closed since the start of the national lockdown in March. Fit SA’s spokesperson Grant Austin said that in the beginning, some facilities were able to host online classes. He said the initial response was enthusiastic but eventually it died down.

Between March and June, 31% of the industry members were retrenched with another 14% retrenched in July. Fit SA also reported that 48% of gyms will be forced to close permanently if they remain closed.

Austin said that gyms are prepared and will be able to implement the necessary screening protocols, control access to the gym and maintain social distancing to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

There has been no response from the government about when gyms may reopen.