FEDUSA Calls for an Urgent End to the Inaction in the Fight Against Gender-Based Violence


The Federation of Unions of South Africa (FEDUSA) has called for an urgent end to the inaction from the government in the fight against gender-based violence as many women have lost their lives in the last few days.

FEDUSA’s Secretary-General Riefdah Ajam said, “The Federation of Unions of South Africa is horrified by the ongoing scourge of gender-based violence, and the slow response, and general inaction of our government. While the government is regularly committing to fight this scourge, it has still not ratified the convention on Ending Violence and Harassment in the World of Work C190/R206.”

Ajam added that the government needs to fast track the ratification and implementation of C190/R206, and then continue to implement further massive female empowerment, education and protection programs to bring femicide in South Africa to an end. They must also implement harsh penalties on all those found guilty of breaching the new law.

She continued saying, “We will no longer accept the inaction. If the government does not move to immediately ratify C190/R206, and then follow with mass funding and resources for programs to end this violence, we will have no choice but to pursue mass action. There comes a point where inaction becomes complicity, and we refuse to be complicit in the mass murder of our sisters, mothers, and daughters.”

“Enough is enough as this is a crisis that has gripped our nation for decades and must be recognised and combatted.”