Father Allegedly Murdered His Four Children in Ga-Pasha Village

According to a media statement published by the SAPS on Tuesday, a 52-year-old man allegedly murdered his four children in Ga-Pasha village. The bodies were found in two different locations in that area.

On Tuesday morning, the suspect allegedly told his neighbour about the murders and where the bodies can be found. The Police were called and upon arrival, they found the bodies of three of the children, ages 5, 7 and 9 in the bushes nearby. The three-year-old’s body was found close to the local mountain, which is approximately 3km from the first scene.

The children were identified as a nine-year-old boy, Katlego Pasha; seven-year-old girl, Joyce Pasha; five-year-old girl, Tshepo Pasha and three-year-old boy, Adel Pasha.

“Three of the children were found with stab wounds. The youngest was found with open wounds.”

The statement further reads, “Preliminary police investigations indicate that the suspect stopped the vehicle transporting the kids from school on Monday at about 15:30. The driver, who apparently knows the father, stopped and let the kids go with their father.”

Lieutenant General Nneke Ledwaba, the Provincial Commissioner of SAPS in Limpopo, visited the scene and strongly condemned this incident which was allegedly committed by someone who was supposed to protect these victims.

On Wednesday morning an update was posted on Twitter saying that the Police traced and arrested the suspect in Ga-Pasha, Selatole village. He will appear in Mecklenburg Magistrates Court in the next 48 hours.

The motive behind the murder is unknown at this stage. Four counts of murder have been opened and the Police investigations are continuing.