Ex Drakensberg Boys’ Choir Pupil on Trial for Rape


According to reports, an ex-Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School pupil is set to go on trial this April for the alleged rape of a younger boy from the same school. eNCA reports that the incident is said to have taken place in 2018.

The 13-year-old victim told his mother that he was forced to perform oral sex on the 14-year-old accused in the school’s dormitory.

The incident was reported 3 days later, and the victim’s mother opened a case at the Winterton police station soon after.

According to eNCA, the school conducted its own disciplinary hearing and found that the sexual act was consensual. The alleged victim’s mother is reportedly accusing the school of trying to cover up the incident.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) is, according to reports, pursuing a case of rape after examining the evidence.

Karabo Ozah, Director of the Centre for Child Law, said in an interview with eNCA that teachers have an obligation to report sexual misconduct to the police.

News24 reports that she also told the broadcaster that a 14-year-old is legally presumed to have criminal capacity.

eNCA spoke to the school principal, Greg Brooks who reportedly said that the school dealt with the matter appropriately in terms of its code of conduct and that they would co-operate with the investigation.