Eskom to Increase Retail Tariffs in June

Picture: Twitter @Eskom_SA

The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) has approved Eskom’s Retail Tariff and Structural Adjustment (ERTSA) application to increase their tariffs.

The Schedule of Retail Tariffs for the various tariff categories will be increased as follows:

  • Total Standard Tariffs: 8.76%
  • Municipal – 1 July: 6.9%
  • Key Industrial & Urban – Other Tariff Charges: 8.76%
  • Key Industrial & Urban – Affordability Subsidy: 13.61%
  • Rural: 8.76%
  • Homelight 20A – Block 1 (0-350kWh): 8.76%
  • Homelight 20A – Block 2 (>350kWh): 8.76%
  • Homelight 60A: 8.76%
  • Homepower: 8.76%

The Homelight 20A tariff structure is divided into two blocks and each block has a different rate. Below is a table with the Homelight 20A rates for 2020/21:

Homelight 20AEnergy charge (c/kWh)
  VAT included
Block 1 [>0 – 350 kWh]121.67139.92
Block 2 [>350 kWh]138.86158.54
Table adapted from Eskom documents

If you purchase up to 350 kWh of electricity a month, you pay the rate in block 1. If you purchase more than 350 kWh, you pay the rate in block 2.

If your first purchase exceeds 350 kWh then the additional units and all the following purchased units in that month are being charged at the rate of block 2. The tariff resets on the first day of each month.

“This tariff structure works on the principle that the more you purchase in a single month, the higher the price for that portion of the electricity, which means that customers are charged at a higher rate as their consumption becomes higher.”

Below is a table with the Homelight 60A rates for 2020/21:

Homelight 60AEnergy charge (c/kWh)
  VAT included
Block 1 [>0 – 600 kWh]137.7158.36
Block 2 [>600 kWh]234.06269.17
Table adapted from Eskom documents

This tariff is similar to Homelight 20A, the only difference is that the number of units in block 1 increases to 600 kWh and in block 2 is anything greater than 600 kWh. The rates also differ.

The approved Schedule of Tariffs for 2020/21 can be found on Eskom’s website and the date of implementation is 1 June.