eNCA retrenches weather presenters; opts for “weatherboards”

Picture: Twitter, @Annette_Botha_
This past week eNCA and eNuus viewers were shocked after the unexpected retrenchments of the channel’s popular weather presenters, Joel Guy and Annette De Beer. 

eNCA will reportedly be replacing the weather presenters with, what they are reportedly calling, “weatherboards”.

The two presenters made the announcements on Twitter and during their broadcasts respectively. Joel Guy had been with eNCA since 2009 and Annette had reportedly been with eNuus for almost 7 years.

   Image: Twitter, @JoelGuy_ 

News of the retrenchments have been largely kept under wraps and seemingly took the eNCA and eNuus anchors by surprise too.

eNCA has yet to make any comment on the retrenchments.

Picture: Twitter, @Annette_Botha_


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