Eight-month-old allegedly beaten to death

Picture: Angus Mackenzie, Facebook

Shock and horror consumed the Bonteheuwel community this week when it was revealed that a 32-year-old male and a 31-year-old female were arrested for allegedly killing their 8-month-old baby.

EWN reported that 8-month-old Levy Isaacs was rushed to hospital on Friday afternoon after which he succumbed to his injuries.

Angus Mackenzie, Ward councillor for the area, wrote an impassioned post on Facebook about the horrific incident: “This is not Bonteheuwel! This is not the people of Bonteheuwel! These are individuals who are so sick, twisted and tormented that deserve to be made public, shamed, and never allowed to see the light of day again.”

EWN further reported that the Councillor visited the home of the victim who was the constant target of abuse from his parents.

Speaking to EWN he said, “An eight-month-old child was abused so badly that the child is no longer with us anymore. I am shocked to my core. I am heartbroken, I’m devastated, and I am disgusted. This is not who we are as people – this is not the society who we are aiming to be.”

The publication reported that the case has been remanded. The couple will remain in custody until the formal bail application on January 22 and the state will be opposing bail.