EFF Calls on Government to Allow Sale of Gym Equipment During Lockdown


In a statement released on Tuesday, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) called for the government to allow for the sale of gym equipment during the national lockdown.

The EFF says that in this time of lockdown, it becomes important to take care of one’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Their statement read, “Instead of spending energy mobilising the public on unbanning hazardous items like cigarettes and alcohol sale, we should be mobilising for the sale of gym equipment for home use. We need a healthy nation, even under conditions of social distancing and lockdown, this is not an elitist or even middle-class call; it is a call for all our people to take the gym as part of our identity and culture in general.”

The party reiterated that it is not against gyms being closed for the remainder of the lockdown. However, while gyms remain closed, the party says people should have access to equipment for home use.

The EFF says they welcome the opening of bookshops under Level 4, saying reading is an important activity to maintain a healthy mind.