EFF calls for action after dog allegedly set loose to attack farm worker

Picture: Unsplash.com

The EFF’s Western Cape branch has called for the immediate arrest of a farmer who allegedly set his dog on a farm worker at Serfontein Landgoed Farm in Worcester.

The party has also urged the South African Human Rights Commission to investigate the matter.

According to an EFF statement released on Monday, a farmer from Serfontein Landgoed set his dog on a farm worker on 20 November. The woman is reportedly one of five people injured in the attack.

Picture: @EFFWesternCape_, Twitter

The statement reads: “It is deeply troubling that a farmer would set his dog on a defenceless woman and watch her while the dog tears her muscles apart.

“One cannot begin to imagine the pain and trauma that the victim of this horrendous act must have undergone while her perpetrator watches her cry for help.”

EFF provincial chairperson Melikhaya Xego said the inhumane treatment of farm workers by farmers is a microcosm and a reflection of what the majority of farm workers experience on farms.

“As the EFF we ask the question: How long will our people suffer in this manner?”

The EFF visited the farm on Friday, 18 December, where it was allegedly established that “the farm worker treats his farm workers like animals”.

“He subjects them to all sorts of inhumane treatment such as confining them in spaces, where they live in structures that have no basic amenities such as clean running water and toilets. The human rights of these farm workers are being violated on a daily basis by farmers who violate labour laws with impunity. As the party we say enough is enough,” said Xego.

He added that a case has been opened for police to investigate the farmer’s alleged actions and the matter has been reported to the SAHRC.

The EFF also called on the legal fraternity to help the victim get justice.

According to News24, Western Cape police have confirmed that a case of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm has been opened at Worcester police station, but the suspect has not been arrested yet.