Devastated parents want answers after their daughter fell to her death in China

24-year-old Kgothatso Mdunana Picture: Supplied
According to reports, South African student, Kgothatso Mdunana, died when she fell out of the window of her friend’s apartment on the 13th floor in the Hangzhou province of China on Friday, 30 April. 

Mdunana had been in China studying Civil Engineering at the Shandong University. She would have completed her studies this year and was excited to start her career in the UK.

According to reports, the 24-year-old student’s roommate, Princess, told her parents that she had gone to the Hangzhou province to meet up with a friend who none of her other friends there knew. Hangzhou is approximately 15hrs away from Shandong where Mdunana lived.

Her father, Pfarelo Mphamphuli, told EWN: “No one knew about this trip. All we know is that the police took this person in for questioning. No other information why they are questioning him or her about. All they said is this was an accident,”.

He said some of Kgothatso’s friends had offered to travel to Hangzhou to help fill in the missing pieces.

Mdunana’s family had reportedly not seen her in three years. She had been one of the South Africans who were offered a repatriation flight home, however, she decided to stay in China and take up teaching English.

Her family are now raising funds to bring her body home, the cost of which is almost R300 000.

Mphampuli shared with EWN that he last spoke to his daughter 2 days before she disappeared and his last text to her was “I love you too”

To donate to the fundraiser follow the link: Bring Kgothatso Home