De Lille Denies Allegations of Involvement in Beitbridge Fence Corruption

Source: Facebook @GovernmentZA

Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure (DPWI), Patricia De Lille, denied allegations of her involvement in the corruption around the Beitbridge border fence between South Africa and Zimbabwe. 

The DPWI’s acting director-general, Imtiaz Fazel, reported that R40 million was paid for the border fence which was meant to only cost R26 million and was overpriced by R14 million. Faizel added that according to current market-related costs it was meant to cost R23 million and that the cost was actually exceeded by R17 million.

Minister De Lille addressed the allegations during a parliamentary meeting on Tuesday and denied involvement in any corruption. She said that she is willing to have her bank accounts investigated.

A Special Investigative Unit has taken over the matter and will investigate the contractor and 14 officials from the department.