COVID-19 Home Screening to Start in W-Cape Next Week


According to reports, as of Monday 6 April, Western Cape residents can expect to be screened for COVID-19 in the comfort of their homes. The province currently has 393 infected people.

The provincial Health Department will take on targeted community screening and testing, using the identified geo-located cases of local transmission in vulnerable and high-risk communities, starting from the metro area and fanning out.

The Mitchells Plain, Khayelitsha and Klipfontein areas were of greatest concern in the metro, according to provincial Head of Health, Dr Keith Cloete.

“Our concern is that we might have community transmission in those areas,” he said.

Cloete reportedly said community health workers and NGOs would as a collective embark on the community-based screening and testing. If required, tests would be conducted at mobile testing labs.

The fieldworkers will be clearly identified, to avoid scammers taking advantage of the situation.

“We want to especially target those areas and go into households where cases have already been documented of local transmission. Our strategy as of Monday is to identify all the areas we are going into. We are putting all the logistics together so there will be screening, access to testing and, out of that, there will be a screening of someone who requires isolation and quarantine out of that process,” Cloete said.


  1. Please continue your coverage, as the rest of the world only refers to what’s happening in ‘Africa’… The fools have still not tweaked that it is a continent made up of conialised countries whose borders were decided by its colonizers…

    We need to get the good news out there!

    I will do my bit from France!


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