CoCT’s Transport Directorate Says It Will Prioritise Fixing Potholes


In a statement released on Wednesday, Councillor Angus McKenzie said that the City of Cape Town’s Transport Directorate will be prioritising the fixing of potholes following the strict lockdown and winter rainfall. 

McKenzie said that under Level 5 of the lockdown, roads and stormwater services were not considered essential services therefore they only had limited staff available to assist with emergencies. Furthermore, the Councillor said that the City could not complete its Winter Readiness programme before the expected winter rainfall further deteriorating existing potholes and resulting in new ones.

He continued saying, “As the rainy season continues, we primarily rely on a temporary fix as the road surface needs to be dry for the pothole filling to seal,”.

The staff capacity will increase from 70% to 100% following the announcement of Alert Level 1 of the national lockdown.

The Transport Directorate says that it will focus on dealing with the backlog and is looking at newer, efficient ways to deliver services.