City’s protocols to ensure safe events gets greenlight


The City’s new health and safety measures for events held during the COVID-19 pandemic in Cape Town have been given the greenlight by an epidemiologist.

An epidemiologist employed by the City inspected the implementation of the protocols during a live music event at Greenmarket Square on Thursday last week.

MayCo member for Safety and Security, JP Smith said that the City of Cape Town’s new Protocols for Hosting Safe Events during COVID-19 will also ensure the safety of attendees, participants, supporters and officials.

“This protocol will be applied to all events, including those with 250 people at indoor facilities and 500 people at outdoor venues. The SOP document is in line with the Disaster Management Act and National directives,” Smith said.

Event organisers seeking permit approvals will have to meet the standards set in the protocols, he added.

“The City has already hosted two successful events over the last two weeks, where these protocols were put to the test and have proven we can host events in a safe environment when we follow the hygiene and health guidelines.

“The protocols would be subject to any changes in legislation, directives and guidelines, which are promulgated or issued, to ensure we remain abreast of developments,” said Smith.

The City’s media office said its Event Permit Office has received 80 new event applications during Alert Level 1, an encouraging figure for an industry that has seen devastation over the last few months.

Highlights of the SOP include:

  • Must identify inherent risks and other factors that may affect an event and understand mitigation options aimed to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.
  • Must complete a risk assessment to consider risk factors, safety steps and residual risk.
  • Must recognise the threat COVID-19 poses and determine the level of risk of transmission at the event.
  • Must ensure event venues allow for mandatory physical distancing.
  • Have a responsibility for the wellbeing of their attendees, staff and service providers at their events.
  • Ensure compliance with all prevailing legislation, applicable guidelines and standards.
  • Appoint the necessary COVID-19 Compliance Officer/s and implement agreed COVID-19 mitigation measures.
  • Ensure all staff, workers and service providers are adequately trained and equipped with the necessary PPE.


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