City of Cape Town issues R1.4m civil claim against Gatvol Capetonian and the EFF

Picture: Twitter, @SAPoliceservice
The City of Cape Town is moving ahead with a R1,4 million civil claim against Gatvol Capetonian and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

Cape Town Executive Mayor, Dan Plato, said in a statement that ‘destroying infrastructure is not an acceptable form of protest, nor is shutting down major routes and disrupting the lives of law-abiding residents.’

According to the City’s media release, a summons was issued to Gatvol Capetonian on 29 March for over R1,3 million in damages related to a “shut down” of major routes in Cape Town in August 2019.

The City’s civil claim states that it was “reckless, wrongful and unlawful” of this organisation to incite a “shut down” while violating their Gatherings Act obligations to give notice, appoint convenors and marshalls, and refrain from violence.

Particulars of the infrastructure destroyed by Gatvol Capetonian in various communities includes:
  • Grassy Park – R311 760.87
  • Atlantis – R336 946,75
  • Mitchells Plain – R50 000
  • Kensington – R50 000
  • Ocean View (Kommetjie) – R361 953,31
  • Ocean View (Milky Way Road) – R170 000
  • Delft – R11 909.48
  • CBD – R10 000
  • Bo-Kaap – R1867,64
  • Total: R1 304 438,05

The City’s legal representatives have further issued a Letter of Demand to the EFF for damage to infrastructure in Brackenfell on 20 November 2020, in violation of agreed gathering conditions with the South African Police Services (SAPS) and Western Cape High Court.

EFF members damaged traffic lights at several intersections, set fire to a vacant field, and damaged public vehicles including a fire engine.

A total amount of R87 312,25 is being sought from the EFF to cover the costs of infrastructure repair and fire-fighting suggest equipment.

The EFF has 21 days to make payment into the City’s bank account or face a summons, which will also include a claim for legal costs to recover the funds, plus interest.

Mayor Plato said: “The City respects the rule of law and the right of citizens to assemble, provided this is done peacefully and with respect to the rights of others,’.


  1. I totally agree…we, honest ratepayers are gatvol too. These organisations must learn that they cannot just destroy public and private property…someone down the line must fit the bill! They must pay or go to jail….destruction of propert has become the norm but must stop!

  2. Mr Dan Plato , lets cut the bull and get strait to the point , im not Gatvol ,neither do I know Malema, I’m what you would refer to as public , you know me as Mrs Cafda… right? I have been speerheading my own personal campaign to rid my space of your authority, clearly you a sell out ( I refer to the book which you coloured polititians , compiled namely , “What is a coloured” ) , futher more, you have in directly been a perpetrator for all of whom kill and are killed ,( all i hold dear) , our loved ones gone ,our resource gone ,our asperations gone , our employment gone , our hopes gone – our youth going nowhere fast. … All because of your incompetents ,still they sting you on , the DA City of Cape Town organisation, I can no long allow our distruction to keep us in the choas which” The City of Cape Town ” has inflicted on us the Capetonian – aboriginals people from here. Cape Town is our home ,Cape Flat is where The City of Cape Town /DA /Munisipality/ past NP , has forced us to stay after taking away our authority ,our culture ,our lives, our land and our peace of mind.
    I there fore have a much better way of getting your attention ,since the only way you react to is the pulblic is if the actions of the public whom you have ignored for over 15 years in politics , place you in a position where you have to declare a national disaster which you have to foot the bill for on behalf of the munisipality.
    So I rather suggest you ,give us all , your declared financial status so we can see
    If you have a ,that undermined our impostance. I want to see all coontracts you done since take position of you post as the Mayor of Cape and while being Minister of Community Safety!!!
    I have lost all my confidence in you and I cannot see any other way to tell you truth, in my oppinion , I hold you, responsable for my brother early death . By implementing your plans for the safety of Capetonians ,you chooses has naturally produced killers ,conscripted youth born from the system the munisipslity has created….. for us the public.

  3. Yes with the EFF on the untouchable forfront we are strongly busy moving to become the future Zimbabwe

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