China Reports All Wuhan Patients Discharged


According to reports, the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the global coronavirus pandemic started, now has no remaining cases in its hospitals.

“The latest news is that by April 26, the number of new coronavirus patients in Wuhan was at zero, thanks to the joint efforts of Wuhan and medical staff from around the country,” said National Health Commission spokesman, Mi Feng, at a briefing.

The city had reported 46 452 cases, 56% of the national total. It also saw 3869 fatalities which make for 84% of China’s total.

Wuhan and the province of Hubei were put in lockdown at the end of January for more than two months. Roads were cornered off, trains and planes cancelled and residents unable to move freely.

Despite having relaxed their restrictions, the city is reportedly still testing residents regularly.

The focus has shifted to the northeast border province of Heilongjiang, which has seen a large number of imported coronavirus cases entering from Russia.

China’s health authorities had, on 25 April, reported 11 new coronavirus cases on the mainland, down from 12 the previous day, with no fatalities.