Checkers’ butchery in Kenilworth no longer selling halaal meat


Due to a “dramatic decline” in sales, the Checkers store in Kenilworth has stopped its sale of halaal products, specifically their meat.

In a statement to VK News, Shoprite Holdings Ltd said, “The supermarket chain continuously revisits and adapts its strategies to remain viable as well as relevant to its market and varied customer base. Over the last year Checkers Kenilworth has seen a dramatic decline in consumer demand for halaal-certified meat and a decision was therefore taken to reconsider the halaal certification of the store’s butchery.

“Other Shoprite and Checkers supermarkets with halaal-certified butcheries that are well supported by its loyal customers include Checkers Rylands Village, Checkers Weltevreden, Shoprite Gatesville and Shoprite Athlone and we invite our Muslim customers to visit any of these stores to obtain their halaal-certified meat products.”

According to the Daily Voice, the Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust’s director Sheikh Achmat Sedick said, “Even if the meat has the halaal sticker, it might be mixed with the non-halaal and that will not be good for consumption.”

The Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust also released the following statement yesterday, after correcting their previous statement excluding the fact that the matter only concerned the butchery.

Picture: Facebook: Radio 786

The in-store deli and bakery departments remain halaal certified.