Charges Pile Up Against Kinnear Murder Accused


The main suspect in the murder case of top cop Charl Kinnear, has become embroiled in another court matter linked to the attempted murder of prominent Cape Town attorney William Booth.

This week, private investigator and former professional rugby player, Zane Killian, was charged with fraud and conspiracy to commit murder in addition to the charges he faces for the murder of Kinnear.

The conspiracy to commit murder charges relate to allegations that he unlawfully traced Booth’s cellphone before the attempt on the attorney’s life earlier this year. The fraud charge relates to what the Hawks have described as “a questionable security certificate” used as evidence in his bail bid to justify why he pinged Kinnear’s phone.

In the Kinnear matter, Killian’s charges relate to a “ping list” containing thousands of numbers belonging to people he was allegedly tracking. Kinnear had been investigating high profile crime before he was gunned down in front of his Bishop Lavis home in September.
Meanwhile, in the attempted murder matter, Booth had been in his garage on 9 April when a barrage of gunshots flared. He was unharmed during the incident.

According to reports, five people – Kauthar Brown, Riyaad Gasant, Kim Smith, Igshaan Williams, and Ibrahim Deare – alleged members of the Terrible West Siders gang, have been charged with attempted murder after police used CCTV footage to circulate descriptions of the shooters.

Killian had been due to appear in the Bellville Magistrate’s Court on Monday, however, that appearance was halted for the extra charges to be added to his charge sheet in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

NPA spokesperson Eric Ntabazalila said: “Zane Killian appeared at the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday. He joins five accused persons who are charged with conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder of Cape Town lawyer, William Booth.

“The accused is implicated in five charges: gang related charges, conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, unlawful interception of communication and access or interception of any data (without permission [the] of Mr Booth). The defence indicated that they will apply for bail. The State will oppose bail.”

Ntabazalila said that Killian’s lawyers indicated they will write to the State to request for the two bail applications to be joined.
“The State will wait for the application and respond after studying it,” he said.

Killian has been moved from Bellville Police Station to Goodwood Prison to make it easier for him to be transported between courts. His next appearance is on 10 November.