Cape Town Traffic Has Increased Dramatically

According to the latest TomTom traffic report, Cape Town is the worst city when it comes to traffic in South Africa. The report shows, compared to 3 February last year, there has been a 30% increase in congestion on the roads on the same day this year.

The stats show that in 2019 the worst day to drive in Cape Town was on 25 October and traffic saw its best day on 11 August. According to the report, time lost during rush hour per year comes to 154 hours which adds up to 6 days and 10 hours. With the time lost in traffic, one could have knitted 39 hats and 7 sweaters or even baked 4445 pancakes and 7397 cookies say the Tomtom report. 

 How does Cape Town compare to Johannesburg?

The two cities weren’t too far off when it came to the morning rush, Johannesburg (second most congested traffic city in SA) fell short by 5% showing up with 25% compared to Cape Town’s 30%. However, both city’s roads hit its lowest road usage percentage at 3 am with a 1% live congestion total. 

Stats show the best times to hit the road is on a Monday before 7 am this way you avoid traffic and save up to 6 hours per year (for a 30-minute commute).