Cape Town Surfers Protest Against Beach Ban

Picture: Twitter, @kanniekaknie

Surfers all over Cape Town gathered in protest against level 4 lockdown regulations. They had one message: “let us back in our ocean”.

The #BackintheWater campaigners believe that ocean sports strengthen the immune system and thus aids the fight against the coronavirus. However, under level 4 lockdown regulations, beaches remain off-limits.

In videos circulating on social media, surfers can be seen standing side by side in protest, asking that President Cyril Ramaphosa relax some laws, especially ones excluding surfing as a form of exercise.

Police responded to the Muizenberg area, urging locals to keep moving as standing still was not permitted. It is alleged that some people were seen being arrested by police for not walking or jogging.

The protesters had packed up and left before 9am after the picket, which started at 8am. 

In one of the videos, a surfer can be heard asking, “How is it ‘legal’ for thousands of people to walk side by side on the promenade, yet we can’t even be a few metres away from each other in the water?”

Protest action under level 4 of the nationwide lockdown is illegal because it constitutes a “gathering”.


  1. I don’t understand this, it’s a virus that kills. How can you be so selfish to think about you and surfing.

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