Cape Town Homeless Try to Run Away from Tent Encampment


A video on News24 shows a group of homeless people trying to escape the tent encampment, erected to house them during the lockdown, in Strandfontein, Cape Town on Tuesday.

According to News24, Mayoral committee member for safety and security, JP Smith, said conflict erupted between people who did not want others, who had arrived from Somerset West, in their tent. 

Reports suggest that some of those who had already been screened thought they could leave and return to the areas they came from. When clarity was given that this was not the case, they pulled down one of the internal fences in an attempt to escape. Four of the encampment residents climbed over the perimeter wall, according to Smith, three of them had already been apprehended.

According to reports some in the group had since indicated they would remain at the site. 

The Strandfontein Ratepayers and Residents Association had since asked residents to avoid the area until the situation had calmed down. 

The City of Cape Town said according to the police, any person who left the site would be in violation of the national lockdown regulations and would be dealt with accordingly.

The GOOD party and the ANC complained about the facilities provided for the homeless, with GOOD calling it a “medieval” set-up. 


  1. I think they should be housed in the Good Hope Centre, the stadium or just left where they were with the understanding of the restrictions. If they break the law charge them as the law stipulates.It must be absolutely terrible in Strandfontein for them. They all have a reason for being on the street. There is a lot of mental health issues and substance dependence. I completely understand their need to abandon society as they feel they don’t fit in anywhere. Besides society ain’t all that great and comes at a price. Try and get a win win solution by treating them as citizens and hold them accountable as citizens. It can’t b great for the Strandfontein community to have a refugee camp on their doorstep once again.

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