British Athlete Says Running Against Caster Semenya Is Unfair

Image Credit: OLIVIER MORIN/AFP/Getty Images)
Image Credit: OLIVIER MORIN/AFP/Getty Images)

After her triumphant performance to win gold in Rio and be crowned the WOMEN’S Olympic 800m champion, the backlash against Caster Semenya has already begun. A sobbing Lynsey Sharp was reported saying, that overturning the rules on testosterone suppression made competing against Semenya difficult.

After finishing sixth -running a personal best of 1 min 57,69 sec- in Saturday night’s Final in Rio, the British runner tearfully voiced her objections to the BBC afterwards. In her interview Sharp said: “I have tried to avoid this issue all year. You can see how emotional it all was. It is out of our control and how much we rely on people at the top sorting it out. The public can see how difficult it is with the change of rule but all we can do is give our best.”

Sharp also made it clear that her feelings are shared by two of her fellow athletes -one Polish and the other Canadian, who all missed out on medals. The trio hugged after the race, in what Sharp hinted was a show of unity. Sharp added: “I was coming down the home straight, we were not far away and you can see how close it is….I feel a bit disappointed.”

Vannie Kaap Admin: In reporting this information to you guys I found myself laughing klip hard at this woman; en ja nee, die Here moet maar vir my vergewe. This is what I have to say to Ms Lynsey Sharp:

1. Meisie kind, but you came sixth! It’s another story if you came second or third, but you came sixth! You were two places and exactly two seconds away from being last.

2. You ran against only one hyperandrogenic runner, and still you were behind 4 non-hyperandrogenic runners; so why couldn’t you beat the 4 athletes who finished behind Caster? What’s your excuse there; they had better tekkies than you?

3. You ran your personal best and still came sixth. Do you understand what that means? It means you ran your best possible time, and your best possible time was not even good enough to finish second, third, fourth or fifth. I actually know a few tik koppe that can run faster than that.

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