Breaking News: President Ramaphosa Announces Nationwide Lockdown


President Cyril Ramaphosa has in his national address announced a national lockdown. This will be in effect from midnight on Thursday 26 March until midnight on 16 April.

Individuals will only be allowed to leave the house under controlled circumstances to seek medical care, buy food or collect grants.

Workers in the following industries, among others, will be exempt:

  • Health workers
  • Emergency personnel
  • Security Services ie. Police and Military Personnel
  • Production and distribution of the supply of food and basic goods
  • Power, Water and Telecommunications
  • Laboratory services
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Banks, JSE and Petrol Stations

Clinics, pharmacies, food stores, and hospitals, as well as essential banking services, will remain open.

Provision will be made for essential transport services to continue including transport for patients who need it.

The SANDF will be deployed to support SAPS in ensuring citizens adhere to regulations.


  1. I must say I was quite impressed with the president’s speech. Well prepared and covered almost all my concerns. There are a few uncertainties, but that can be expected. Hopefully SA will adhere to these regulations and praying that this will be enough to flatten the curve. #raakwysblybyriehys

  2. Hi #isalsoraaitbyrriehys ?😷

    Thanks for the prompt feedback in this format. I am actually happy for the decision to have been at this stage! Ek wiet Ek wiet Sommiges sal swaarder kry ma Ek hoep net os mense Sal weereens unite(with exceptions of course😷)

    Ek gloe regtag God het genies op die aarde sodat os as mens Kan reboot! Hopelik Sallie ANC n’a dit als ontslae raak van inhuman township living, oorvol skole (50-67+), duur health care, old infrastructure etc etc…

    SA is beating the UK in what they’ve done, BUT they MUST make sure health workers on the frontline get masks, gloves& ventilators manufactured on a gazillion scale!!!!!

    Empty halls, centres, conference halls etc needs to be used for extra patient beds if hospitals get full!!!! En asseblief ammal SELF-ISOLATE NUH?

    Ek bid vi julle hoo! Keep us expats updated!

    Bon a nuit, bon chance et au revoir! J’adore but no Dior!!!!!😜

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