Breaking News: Dlamini-Zuma Says Cigarettes May Not be Sold During Level 4

Picture: Twitter, @GovernmentZA

In a media briefing on Wednesday, Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma announced that the sale of cigarettes remain banned even while lockdown regulations are relaxed.

After consulting with various health professionals, the ban on cigarettes and alcohol remain in place. Even if you make liquor at home, you are not allowed to share or sell it.

Restaurants will be limited to deliveries between 9 am and 7 pm, no sit-ins will be allowed.

Hairdressers and other grooming businesses will remain closed but beauty and grooming products will be made available for sale.

It is important that those industries returning to work, observe the necessary regulations regarding screening, PPE and social distancing.

All public transport including buses and rail services will start operating to assist with the increased movement of people.

Our borders are not open, except for goods arriving into or leaving the country. South Africans are allowed to return home but must be quarantined for 14 days before being allowed to join their families.

Those who have been visiting in other provinces before the lockdown, will now be allowed to return home.

No evictions will be allowed but Dlamini-Zuma warns South Africans not to take advantage and illegally occupy buildings.

Public amenities like pools and parks remain closed however, jogging within a 5km radius from your home will be allowed.

Dlamini-Zuma concluded saying, “It is our collective responsibility, collective challenges, we must make collective sacrifices.”


  1. CR say 1 thing than a minister walk over his head and announce another thing. Did CR give her consent to ban sigaretes again. Now the people are gonna fandalize. It seems they don’t cocase to reach an agreement. What CR say is law. Wa val die anty uit. Nee ek soek my sigarette anea gaan dani plek vd Covjd 19 pasiente wesi. Wnt ali die onttreking simptome pasiente gani hospitale vol le. Sys aspris

  2. How can a minister overturn the the presidents call to still ban the sale of sigarettes and dagga is legalized … What a joke and what about vaping products?

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