Anneline Rangolie Shot Dead and Robbed in Her Car

Picture: Supplied

Anneline Rangolie, 38, was shot and killed in her Silver VW Polo just before midnight on Tuesday in Beethoven Street, Delft.

According to reports, five guys approached the vehicle and shot Anneline in the stomach; she was declared dead on the scene. Delft Police were called to the scene at 11:55 pm, they inspected her car and found that a few valuables were stolen.

Her nephew, who was in the car with her, sustained a gunshot wound in the behind and was transported to nearby medical facilities.

Anneline’s brother-in-law, Jeremiah Abels, told reporters that they were asleep when they heard frantic screams coming from outside. “It was her girlfriend, she told us that Anneline and her nephew were shot in her car,” he says.

“We rushed there and saw that she was dead behind the wheel and her nephew was shot in the bum but survived the shooting.”

“She was not married and did not have any children but she had a long-term girlfriend. Anneline was a very friendly person and we are all missing her and very shocked that she died this way. She worked for Transnet for many years,” said Abels.

Anyone with information can contact Detective Sergeant Vuyiselo Tshambo on 082 469 6403.