Alleged gang leader and businessman Farouk Meyer shot dead; family demands justice

The family of Farouk Meyer, a known businessman, and alleged gang leader,  wants justice after he was shot dead on Monday outside his business premises in Eldorado Park Ext 9. 

According to reports, Meyer, accompanied by another man, was shot when they reversed out of the driveway. A car reportedly pulled up behind them and reportedly approximately 36 shots were fired.

Meyer was shot while trying to escape, he died in hospital later, however, the man with him died on the scene.

According to The Star, local development and economic civil association chairperson, Majiet Amiene, said that Meyer would be missed by many in the community. Amiene told the news outlet: “Many knew Farouk as a gangster and someone who was involved in theft and many other crimes, but over the past three years he changed his life completely.”

Amiene continued to say that Meyer started a construction company and worked toward finding jobs for people in his community.

Reportedly no arrests have been made yet.


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