79% believe the country’s economy will not survive a level 4/5 lockdown

Image: pixabay

A recent poll conducted by Vannie Kaap revealed that 79% of the brand’s Instagram audience who participated in a recent #sêjousê poll, believe South Africa’s economy will not survive more level 4 or 5 lockdowns.

The poll which asked “Do you believe South Africa’s economy will survive another level 4/5 lockdown?” was conducted just before President Ramaphosa addressed the nation on Sunday. The President went on to announce that South Africa will be moving to an adjusted level 4 lockdown as of Monday. It was however stated that the country would remain in level 4 for a period of 14 days.

The respondents to the poll could only answer with “Ja” or “Nee”, however some submitted comments with their choice. Some of the comments accompanying the poll included one participant stating “As die government kan ophou steel dan kan ons miskien survive”, with another saying “The economy is already dead.”

The current level 4 lockdown as it stands differs from the 2020 level 4 lockdown, with many former restrictions being omitted. Alcohol however will still be banned during these 2 weeks.

The poll consisted of 3200 participants from varying backgrounds. The “Sê jou sê” polls conducted by Vannie Kaap utilise Instagram’s built-in polling feature and are not representative of an in-depth, independently verified poll.