72 Families Expected to Get Wooden Houses

Picture: @LindiweSisuluSA, Twitter

According to reports, temporary wooden houses could soon be rolled out across Johannesburg to ease densely populated informal settlements.

Human Settlements Minister, Lindiwe Sisulu, reportedly said the newly piloted project is being implemented at an informal settlement in Wilgespruit, Roodepoort.

About 72 families, who are currently residing in tents, are expected to occupy their new homes in the next few days.

Sisulu continued to say that the government decided to do something about physical distancing in disadvantaged communities, especially informal settlements.

“We want to do it in such a way that we don’t disrupt communities. This is what we call temporary shelters that everybody will be happy to live in. We want to provide necessary decency, privacy, without disruption. We are going to roll this out wherever communities accept this project. It will also be voluntary and, if anyone wants to stay in their shelter, they are free to stay,” said Sisulu.

It is reported that the units take roughly an hour to complete.

As the government works toward phasing out the national lockdown, they hope this will allow proper physical distancing.