53 Arrests in Cape Town for Breaking Lockdown Regulations


According to the City of Cape Town, 53 people were arrested by the City’s Enforcement Agencies during the past week, for breaking the Lockdown Regulations.

The Metro Police Department arrested one person for drunk driving and the rest of the arrests were for possession of drugs, attempted burglary, public violence, defeating the ends of justice and contravention of the Disaster Management Act.

“Officers also confiscated the following items: 99 mandrax tablets, 57 sachets of tin, 2 small bags of dagga, 179 packs of tobacco, 918 loose cigarettes, 4 894 packets of cigarettes and 2 and-a-half boxes of cigarettes.”

Alderman JP Smith, the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security said, “Our enforcement efforts also show that many shopkeepers continue to sell cigarettes. While one has an appreciation for the principle of supply and demand, the reality is that, for the moment, selling cigarettes is against the law, and shopkeepers are putting themselves at risk of arrest.”

The Metro Police also arrested four suspects in two separate incidents. They were caught on camera trying to break into businesses in the Salt River area.

A total of 1 937 motor vehicles were pulled over by officers and 1 988 traffic and by-law fines were issued.

“Cape Town Traffic officers recorded 5 536 cases, including 11 arrests and 19 taxi impounds. The rest of the offences were related to lockdown regulations or traffic violations.”

Smith added, “While we have experienced a marked reduction in the number of vehicles on our roads during the lockdown, it appears that where people are behind the wheel, some think it is fine to let rip on the speed. Most of the speeding offences are anywhere between 50 and 150% over the limit. Please be mindful that our staff continue to enforce the relevant legislation, and that they will fine anyone caught breaking the law.”

The City of Cape Town’s Law Enforcement Department arrested 20 people for cable theft and violation of the lockdown regulations. They also issued 2 614 fines and 30 compliance notices.