Sandra Vannie Bontas is Haa Community se Engel, even Innie Lockdown


Sandra Jantjies (57) vannie Bontas’ feeding scheme has continued during the lockdown with the support of her family and the community. 

Sandra spoke to us at the end of 2019 about her Christmas parties and feeding scheme for the kids in Bontehuewel. Knowing how difficult the lockdown has been for her immediate community, she has decided to keep her feeding scheme going; striving to provide meals twice a day, once in the morning and then a cooked meal late in the afternoon. 

Food Distribution and Social Distancing 

Her feeding scheme is still at her home but just a little different. She adheres to social distancing while she educates the community about good hygiene habits.

From marked lines for people to stand on, to masks and sanitizer, Sandra ensures they adhere to regulations.

Social Distancing at Sandra’s feeding Scheme

Each person will stand on the 1.5m distance lines her husband has made where they will have their hands sanitized, her son will regulate the line while Sandra and her daughter hands out the food. “Everyone involved including the recipients must wear a mask,” Sandra says.

Sandra supplied masks to as many recipients as she could

“We are a family that works together,” Sandra says. She says her family has always been involved, at times they really surprise her with the way they support her initiatives, her husband, she says, is her “biggest supporter”. 

“The community is feeding its own people”

Sandra says “the community is feeding its own people,” she says with a grateful smile, “it is very overwhelming and I get so emotional but I am very grateful.”

A few days prior to the interview with VK News, she says a lady by the name of Lydia Southgate contacted her, together they bought a 95L pot which makes cooking even easier. This bigger pot also allows Sandra to feed even more people. Previously she cooked in four 20L pots. This along with the new burner donated by Mr Parker from Shell Garage Bontehuewel has played a big role in moving the feeding scheme forward.


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