Sandra Is Bontas Se Goeie Samaritaan

Sandra Jantjies (57) was born and raised in Bonteheuwel. She has started various initiatives to feed the people in her area. Sandra says, “I have a love and passion for people,” and this is evident in her actions.

Santa Shoe Box

Sandra’s version of the Santa Shoe Box project was the first initiative she embarked on. On Christmas Day in 2011, she realized that there were some extra gifts left after her children received theirs. She decided to donate the gifts to the children in their neighbourhood. Her friends later joined in and they ended up making about 120 children happy that Christmas.

Sandra decided to host an annual Christmas party for the children in the local community. Every year since 2011, they have been hosting the event in Bonteheuwel.

The number of children has increased to almost 800 children. In 2019, the event was sponsored by eight businesses and tremendous help from the community. She is extremely grateful for all the contributions that were made.

The Bonteheuwel Seniors’ Luncheon

“Every senior citizen deserves to be treated like royalty,” says Sandra, this is why she started the Bonteheuwel Senior’s Luncheon. The luncheon includes a three-course meal, entertainment and hours of spoiling the senior citizens of the community.

The Soup Kitchen

The Soup Kitchen is open on a Thursday evening during winter, usually around May through to October. Anyone can come and get a delicious bowl of soup.

Feeding Scheme for school children

Her latest initiative started at the beginning of January. Sandra started a feeding scheme for school children before each school day. They currently provide 80 children with sandwiches to eat daily. Sandra hopes to continue this initiative for the rest of the year.

Sandra feeds approximately 80 kids before they go to school

Sandra says she is fortunate and blessed to have so many people helping her do this including, Mr. Abdul Kader Parker, Melissa and Gary Phelps from the Icon Properties Group and Ebrahim Petersen from Ebies Pizza, a well-known pizza place in Bonteheuwel.

Sandra is heelemal gevaalik, she is doing amazing things in her community and we salute her!