Jaden Corker Sê Wiskunde Maak ‘n Veskil

Jaden Corker vannie Lavender Hill passed his Matric with 8 distinctions, he was honoured as one of the top 40 matriculants in the Western Cape for 2019 and he was awarded in the category, Excellent achievement across the province by the Western Cape Government.

Jaden Lyle Corker aged 18, says his favourite subjects were Mathematics and Drama. He explains, “Mathematics because I love crunching numbers and solving problems, but Drama was my outlet.”

He continues, “With Drama, I could be expressive, I could think in this deeper thought process that I had about discussing issues, problems and reading into the text. I really like performing as well, I liked being on a stage.”

Jaden was born on 8 December 2001, he has 4 siblings a sister and 3 brothers, and a loving and supportive mother. His primary school career started at Heathfield Primary and he continued to South Peninsula High school. Jaden has always had a love for solving problems and numbers. He is now studying at the University of Cape Town, doing a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. He wants to become a Mathematics teacher.

His career choice came from a very special Mathematics teacher, Mr. Ederies. Jaden said that his teacher changed the way he saw Mathematics, “what he did was he tried to make you understand why the method works and the patterns that happen in Mathematics. This brought my love for math back again and my marks spiked, I became one of the top math students in my school.” he says.

He smiles when he continues: “Mr. Ederies has really been a mentor and he doesn’t see it this way but I do. He is someone I want to aim to be like, I want to make the difference that he made in my life in the lives of others. I like new things and I like being challenged, I don’t like staying in my comfort zone, and that is exactly what my Math teacher did, he pushed me beyond my comfort zone.” 

Once he has completed his studies at UCT, Jaden aims to give back to his community and teach in his place of birth, Lavender Hill.  

Jaden never fell victim to his circumstances, he is a vibrant and outgoing young man with a plan in hand!