Follow up: The Bouwers have reached their R500 000 goal!


Almost two months ago, we heard the story of the Bouwers family. Cape Town DJ Luwayne Wonder (Luwayne Bouwers) told the world on Facebook the struggles his family was facing with regards to his wife Crystal’s brain haemorrhage. Now, the DJ is back on Facebook… this time with good news!

In a Facebook post shared on Wednesday, the DJ started off by saying that the response to his plea of getting his family back in Cape Town from the UAE has been “overwhelming”.

“Words cannot adequately convey how grateful I am that so many people from across Cape Town, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, USA, Canada, UK, Australia and many corners of the world, have shown support in various ways. I have received countless messages, phone calls, and most importantly, I have felt all the prayers.”

Luwayne states that the 8-hour livestream event called #BringTheBouwersBack had over 7000 views.

“. . . through ticket sales and donations, combined with funds raised via the Back-a-buddy campaign, WE HAVE REACHED THE R500 000 GOAL TARGET!”

He says that they are still receiving donations from people who helped raise funds through many activities.

In his post, Luwayne also thanked everyone for their efforts, and gave a special thanks to the DJ community and media who have helped to promote the initiative.

“I will be forever grateful for the generosity shown to me and my family.”

According to the Daily Voice, Luwayne is now awaiting feedback from the Dubai medical team. “Once I get this information, I can confirm travel arrangements and finalise arrangements with the medical facility that will receive my wife on arrival back in Cape Town.”

The publication also states that Luwayne said, “I am also liaising with the [South African] Embassy in Dubai to ensure that all our documents are in order, and I will have to pack up our home in Dubai.

In an ideal scenario, we will all travel home on the same flight, but we are still waiting for confirmation that this will be possible due to limited numbers on flights.”