“Back to School” at Prince George Primary in Lavender Hill

Prince George Primary School, just like the rest of Cape Town and South Africa, started their first day of school on Wednesday, with ample excitement and eagerness.

The bubbly Grade 1 learners started their school careers and the motivated Grade 7 learners were ready to take on their last year in Primary school. We got to speak to some of the learners during our visit…

First School Day of 2020

Mia, with Pippy-long-stocks plaits, neatly ironed school uniform and a school bag that is as big as she is, eagerly started Grade 1. She had a huge smile on her face as she told us about her sandwich and juice she has packed for lunch.

Caylim, also Grade 1, looked dapper in his uniform and said with great pride that he wants to become a policeman when he grows up.

Mia, Grade 1

A few Grade 7 pupils said that Mathematics, Natural Science, History and Geography are their favourite subjects. We may have a few scientists in the making at Prince George Primary.

A Bright Future for Prince George Primary

The Principal, Ms. Lameez Rabbaney, says the school offers a place of learning and safety to the children of Lavender Hill and she is excited for 2020. Last year the school saw its 40th year of existence.

She added that she looks forward to developing learners and families alike. With the hopes of building strong relationships between family members. The school fundraisers will be planned around the concept of family. They’re planning mother-and-daughter and father-and-son sleepovers as part of fundraising campaigns. She ended off saying, “We will use the space to build, educate and work on re-establishing the family in Lavender Hill.”

Last year the school had many disruptions due to the construction of a new state of the art sports facility next door. This facility will be shared with twenty-four other schools in the surrounding areas.

Mr. Fernol Van Aswegen, Deputy Principal at Prince George Primary, said he is extremely excited about the sports facility. He says:” It will keep the children busy and off the streets after school.” He concluded, “We want the sports facility to be a safe haven for these kids in the afternoon.”

Prince George Primary is thriving amid poverty and gang violence. The teachers are dedicated and we look forward to great results.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela