Valentine’s Ideas for a Couple of Singles

Valentine’s day is coming up and we have put together a few group date ideas for the singles to enjoy.

Game night, at a friend’s place or even at the beach, with good music, food, sweet treats, have each friend bring along two games and throw in a theme if you dare!

The Cook-off, theme the night with a specific country or have your friends cook their signature dish to bring along and share. Add a little challenge and ask them to pair their dish with a drink. Draw conversation starters from a box for good laughs and cries if you will.

The Group eat out, book a table at a great burger joint, pizza bar or do some pub hopping with karaoke…because…music!

The Friendly Netflix and chill, add homemade popcorn, sweet treats, wine, coffee. Order in a couple of pizzas and you’re good to go!

And if you really want to make your friends feel special remember …

A visit to the Vannie Kaap stores is always a gevaalike idea!