The LOC method


Now, if you’re serious about being a natural, you’re following a bunch of influencers and pages like the Cape Town Naturally page on Facebook.
Dais baie kwai.
Then you would have also heard or seen people mention the LOC method. Soes met alles ini lewe kan mense dit over complicate.
But not she, I am all about making this life easy.
Literally what this does is help retain the moisture in your hair follicle.
The LOC method is basically this:
Here is my routine:
Step 1 – wash (depending on my needs, it will be either a cowash or a ACV rinse)
Step 2 – DC (condition with a heat cap of n shoprite sakkie)
Step 3 – LOC
How to LOC by the book:
Once the hair is rinsed completely after the DC, tshirt dry the hair. Section hair into 4 sections and apply leave in conditioner to each section.
Apply your oil and cream the same way to each section. Style as desired.
How to LOC Mel’s way:
Once the hair is rinsed completely-ish after the DC, tshirt dry the hair. Section the hair into 4 sections.
Spray leave-in conditioner to all 4 sections (‘n klomp) mix the oil and cream in the palm of your hand and apply to each section. Style as desired.
Secret: Most days I don’t even do the leave-in conditioner. I just keep my hair drenched and apply oil and cream.
My ‘style as desired’ is usually a few twists. Not because I like the defined curl pattern but because it makes my curl looser and retains my length.
Now, a lot of naturalistas will probably say I’m taatie and disagree completely with my advice but I am all about simplicity.
Below are the products I use for my LOC:

Gevaalik, healthy and moisturised twists:

Let me know how it goes!
My Kaaps Glossary:
Dais baie kwai – that’s very cool
Taatie – Cray cray
Gevaalik – awesome, beautiful, perfection

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